Disclaimer: These steps will wipe the hard drive permanently. If you need to keep the data create a backup first.

At an elevated Command Prompt/PowerShell type diskpart. This will bring up diskpart utility. Diskpart allows you to manage disks, partitions, and volumes. Diskpart is ready when you can see DISKPART> on the Command Prompt/PowerShell window. We can now repartition and format the hard drive.

  • First identify the disk you wish to repartiton. To do this type list disk. The disk will be identified with a number. i.e. Disk 3.
  • Select the disk by typing select disk 3 or whatever number corresponds with your drive.
  • Type list partition to view the current partitions. Make note of the  partition/s you wish to remove. i.e. partition 1.
  • To remove a partition first type select partition 1, or whatever number corresponds with the partition you wish to remove.
  • Delete the partition by typing delete partition. This will remove the currently selected partition. Repeat for multiple partitions.
  • Create a new partition by typing create partition primary. Your new partition is created and ready to format.
  • Format the partition by typing format fs=ntfs label=”Local Disk”. The drive will now be formatted. If you requrie a qucik format you can type format fs=ntfs label=”Local Disk” quick

Your hard drive is now formatted and ready to use.