I recently retired the first Linux server I had ever configured. It was only a simple server – Slackware running Samba as a network share. It was pretty low maintenance, but it was where I had learned and practiced my Linux skills.

I found myself in a position where Windows Servers now outweigh my Linux servers, and as a way to keep my Linux skills sharp – I thought, why not run Linux as my daily driver?

I picked Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I have used Ubuntu before, but mostly Ubuntu Server. Last time I used Ubuntu Desktop, the distribution was still using Unity. It was not my cup of tea. Ubuntu 18.04 uses GNOME Shell instead – which I do find is a little better.

So far I was off to a good start. Many programs I use work on Windows, Linux, and Mac. So these things moved over smoothly. One major issue I had right off the bat, was my printer doesn’t work, and drivers for my fax modem (yes I still need to send the odd fax), wouldn’t work either. I’m sure this is something I will sort out over time.

So wish me luck as I go down the new path of Linux on the desktop. I will keep this post updated with my experiences on making Linux my daily driver.


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